My columns moves when I press navbar menu button

Hello, I am stuck with this problem since 2 days, i have a menu with one div (father) with 2 columns inside (children) basically with espace betwen, i have set them with flex box, and everything is right as I want it, the problem comes when I press the burger button when I open it,everything open normal, but when I closed it, one of this children columns moves, with no reason, next to the left one, i have checked everything, and everything looks normal (from my view) the problem is just when i close the menu, one of this columns moves, and i don’t understand why.

I’ll be happy if someone of you can explain me what i did wrong.

hi @Ariel_moises_Maradia I do not see any issues when reopen navigation

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Sorry, I didn´t updated, but after a little more time after almost 1 days trygin to figure out the problem i found it, I just to space between in one of these div children, I have the feeling i did it before, but it didn´t work, but anyway, thank you very much for your help.