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My collection items are not clickable


So I have a collection, it shows and everything is ok.
BUT it’s not clickable, so I can’t get to the specific collection page (which exists in my designer mode)
How do I make an entire div collection clickable (so it will reach the indented collection page)?

And second related question: how do I make some collection items clickable and some not?
(since some I have info to show on the collection item page and some I do not)

thank you !

I’ve used a webflow template and for some reason I probably broke it…

hi @Sergey_Havenson and welcome, if you can provide link that we can look inside your code see what is wrong it will be easier to help you.

Hey Stan!

does this help? :

Please add Read-only link
CleanShot 2020-10-12 at 13.02.43

I was checking your site and everything works except social links. Can you be a more specific what you try to achieve and what is a problem?

Ooops im new soory … here:

what do you mean everything works you can enter each collection item page?

You have one collection projects on homePage you have links read more (working) and each project you have back (working) and links to other project (working). So what do you mean go to collection page. You have project template that is your single project page.

I see it now, it wasn’t clickble for the home page but now I made a button so that helps,
my other question is what about a situation where I want to change the destination of the button?
meaning I do not want some collection items to reach the project template when I click them
is that possible?

You can create more variations of Project template check this video but there is more options how to do that, but from your description is not clear (for me) what you want to do with this button , Hide it? Point to other place? Sorry there is many ways how to achieve one thing.

I understand, thanks for your patience.
i’ll explain better:

So this is a mini-portfolio I’m trying to build… my goal is to have each item in the collection in the home page re-direct to a different page on the web (one item needs to go to another website, another to the app store, and so forth…)

that means that each collection item has a button (as you can see now in the home page), I just need this button to re-direct to where I want it
how do I do that?


ok so I managed to do what I replied to,
my last question is:
I just need ONE button (meaning one collection item) to go to the project template, just one not all, how do I do that?
since any change changes all the buttons

If I understand correctly you want to have each project (collection item) only one button that will point to different URL. If Yes You can Add URL link as file in your project (collection item) and assign button in each project to this URL

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Thank you so much! got it