My clients website does not load correctly on Ipad?

Hi all,

I have been having no end of trouble with my clients site that will display correctly on Ipad, works fine in portrait mode on Ipad but not landscape!?

Any ideas?

The URL and preview link:

Thanks all! Aaron.

Maybe you could describe what is not shown correctly? By your description I have absolutely no clue about what is going on ;P.

Do you mean the height of the first section?

@Daniel_Schultheiss Sorry about that for some reason didn’t think to explain… :blush:

So there should be a hero slider, on the desktop works great but on the ipad it shows no slider just flickering Gray background?

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hm currently your slider is on “display: none” ?
And p.s. try to give your element “slider” a width of 100%.

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Thanks man! Didn’t see that slider there! being set to display none was freaking it out!?

Thanks again for your help, needed the fresh eyes on it.


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