My Client requests code for Twitter bootstrap

Hello All,

This questions may have been asked before, and I did find a few examples. However, there are conflicting answers.
Here goes!

My Client wants my designs exported for Twitter Bootstrap. After finding Webflow I’d like to start using this along with Sketch.But I need to confirm all my designs can be exported and used freely by them with bootstrap?

Thank you

bootstrap have its own class names , markup and JS plugins (Tab, Accordion etc).

Very weird request - no way to solve this with some auto generator or something (The same idea for bulma, foundation, uikit and other frameworks). If you want to use bootstrap you should use bootstrap (Assets & Markup & Classes & Grid & plugins).

See her the examples:

By webflow you could create Semantic/Responsive site with valid CSS/JS the same as bootstrap and even faster (The CSS/JS in bootstrap is big) + What about the CMS? Assets? SEO? and all other features (You want to build static site?)