My chosen Google fonts not working on mobile

Hello 'flowsperts!

I’ve used two Google fonts, Alatsi and Sue Ellen Francisco, added to Webflow’s dropdown list for my website, for headings and select elements of text, with Atkinson Hyperlegible as my body copy choice.

All looks good in all break points on the site in Webflow preview and on published site on Macbook Air and iMac. On my Redmi Android phone, though? Nope. Random plain font delivered up instead and looking really pants.

What can I do about that? I’ve searched around the forum, can’t find my answer. Is there any way I can choose which alternative fonts should be used if Alatsi and Sue Ellen Francisco not a thing on a particular device? Bwah!

Lesley x

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If you don’t mind giving me my personal opinion; I would just download the fonts and upload them to Webflow so that you have control over the swap option in case the fonts doesn’t load properly. Maybe this would also solve the issue on your mobile device!


Well. I learn something new every day! Thank you, I didn’t know about that swap scenario, Rory! And your personal opinion is very welcome indeed. Thank you for the great advice. Feels good to know I can at least choose what will happen. HUG!

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Me again, Rory! Just to say thank you again for your help. Mobile version on my Android is now showing my chosen fonts. Yippeeeee! xxx

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Glad to hear it’s resolved! Happy Webflowing :slight_smile: