My background keeps repeating at the right side of my site

If you scroll with the horizontal bar to the right you see my header background is repeating 20% orso to the right. I cant find hwo to solve it.

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Hi @jesseaerts, please post your share link, so we may better diagnose your problem.


There is an empty div-block-2 in there.

Hi @jesseaerts, sorry for the delay in reviewing this. Hope this little video helps you out.

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Wow Brandon! Thanks for your massive help! Now I can see that my layout was shit haha. The reason for so many text spands are cause of the change in color I wanted to give the () and + another colour than the numbers.

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Hi Jess, when thinking spans. Use the least amount. I couldn’t see the () or + symbols. Make them ur span colors not the numbers themselves.

Play with it and send me a refreshed layout?!

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