My animation works, but not in the read only link I share with my clients

Hey wondering if anyone can explain to me why my animation works in the designer previewer, but when I go to the shareable link my animations do not work. Therefore, making it so that this is what my client sees instead of the blue opacity box over the photo sliding in and out like it is supposed to. Thank you for any tips!

here is my read only sharable link:

Hi @Tiara_Reeder,
Did you resolve the interaction? Also, I would reduce the bio “move” from -900px. It could only be off the section a little bit, then fade in. Right now, it comes all the way from the total edge. But the content is in a container in the middle of page.

Make the box “move” -100% instead of -900px. That way it will only be off the bio block just a little bit… and you won’t see before it comes into view. It’ll also make the interaction more seamless and smooth. Increase the duration to .75 or 1.

See ya :slight_smile: