My animation seems to be "locked" into place and isn't working correctly

I’m trying to implement a simple button shake animation, I’ve used this exact same animation many times, but for whatever reason it won’t work on this site.

I’m trying to move the nav bar button 2px to the left, then 2px to the right, then pause for 2 seconds and loop.

However when you run the animation, the button appears as though its stuck and can’t actually move. It looks like its only going about .1px, instead of 2px.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello @liamemery I just checked and your animation is a bit off. Your last item has a duration of 2 seconds which is why it’s a bit weird, and the steps are as below:
-3 px
3 px
0 px
0 px (2 second duration)

I assume it should be
0 all the same duration.

Hope that helps!

Hey man,

That’s just to make a 2s pause in between shakes.

Removing that doesn’t change anything unfortunately. I’m at a loss to why this doesn’t work, have used this exact same setup on multiple sites, it’s odd.

Hello @liamemery now I see,
can you share the link to what it should look like? That way there’s a reference to go back to and compare. Let me know!

Hey, yeah sure, can check out this project here where its working perfectly

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