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My agency's portfolio website

Hello guys, just want to share with you my studio’s portfolio website.
Made in Webflow, plus one external script (barba.js, for the seamless page transition), and small external CSS edits for rules that are not native to Webflow (adding breakpoints, disabling scrollbar…).

Let me know what you think! :relaxed:


Hey @Mr_Finn lovely clean site, simple, and the colours are great!

My immediate thought was ‘is that text supposed to be aligned to the line?’

It sometimes is when in mobile landscape but not on portrait. I’ve only viewed on mobile btw.

Congratulations getting the site launched dude! Best of luck with it! :sunglasses:

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Hey @Esteban, thank you for the feedback mate!

And no it shouldn’t be stuck to the line, I did not spot that!
There was a rule from the higher breakpoint overriding the padding and block position. Fixed it now. Thanks for pointing it out!! :smile:

Hey @Mr_Finn,

Cool site! The only thing that I noticed was the delay in the circle catching up to the dot in the cursor felt a bit frustrating. Is there a way to speed it up a little bit?

Nice job dude :slight_smile:

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@Joshua_Suntup Thanks man ! Yes I think I could make it feel less “laggy” by reducing the ease in curve. I’ll look into it, thanks for the feedback ^^