Mvnıc portfolio site

Hey Webflow-folks!

I’m excited to present my new mvnıc-portfolio-website.

Check it out at or have a look mvnic@weblow to view it in Webflow.

I’ll appreciate all suggestions and thoughts.



I love the minimal approach, very elegant and fits the context!

Some thoughts:

I’m not sure about the snowflakes. The artwork is amazing and I think they detract slightly from it.

The text is a little hard to read whilst browsing… I would perhaps increase the thickness of the titles on the pieces (when hovered) and increase contrast of the light grey information by at least 25%.

I wonder what difference it would make if all the copy was in a sans-serif? Again, personal taste but could perhaps (very subtly) add more to the Artwork with a less expressive font instead of the serif.

What’s the purpose of the site - simply to showcase, or do you want to sell?

One last observation, purely technical - if you put the images in with HTML rather than CSS (background-image:), it would make them scale down to mobile a lot more effectively. It seems like theres some inconsistency in the display between tablet / landscape mobile. This would however break your vertical grid unless you crop them to the right ratios and use EM’s as measurement.

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Hi Joe - thank you very much for your kind and useful feedback!

Yes you are right, the snowflakes were a childish addon during christmas-time… I just removed them.

I also just reworked some font-sizes and gray-tones for better readability - but I still stick to the combination of sans and serif fonts. :wink:

Ruth and me are not sure - I guess it’s just a kind of showcase and our small arty island in the vastness of the WWW.

I’m a Weblow-HTML-CSS-newbie … I fear I didn’t get the idea what you are talking about in your last paragraph! :flushed: But I guess, it’s fine how it is and won’t be worth the time to change it (?).

Thanx again for your time,
all the best,

Hi Stefan,

I’m viewing this on a 32" monitor @ 1360x768 (720 DPI)… the text is small (click for full size):

This is with the text size @ 18px and line-height @ 22px (click for full size) :

You may want to add a breakpoint @ 1200px width for just text, as the masonry artwork layout works at any resolution. Very nice!

Having a story about your content will help people convert (take the desired action you want them to take.) There is no story here:

Just my 2¢.
Well done!


Nice job @stef

Nice, clean, minimal.

One thing that bothered me was the X to close the images. The animation is too much which makes it feel like a glitch.

Other than that, great job!