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Music on the computer

Ok guys and gals. If you are anything like me

you have music playing
while you’re creating your masterpiece.

Your music selection might be different…

  • this is something i recently discovered.

You might like it. Or you might not.

It’s light. it’s techno. and dance. it’s “poppy”.
and oddly enough - it’s calms me. and makes me move at the same time.

for me. that’s an interesting combination.

Because when I can think and move at the same time…

  • I create. Masterpieces.

I am one to think with my brain. and my ears.

I’ve been doing it for 50 years.

I am sure a lot of you are the same way.

From one music lover. to another.
[Kontinuum Aware]

If there’s something you listen to…
do the right thing - and share it.


I’m new to website building. So, thanks for sharing your experience and this music. I like it!

Everyone certainly has his own tastes and muhyku too! I like trance to work for him and think easier !!

trance is awesome. I listen to A LOT of music… a lot of trance as well :slight_smile:

Another +1 for Trance here!

Not just for design…

When that pile of dishes needs sorting and I don’t have the energy, this sorts me out:

Short bursts of design creativity, then this:

Need a full days worth (8 hours) - this guy only takes two toilet breaks, awesome mix though!


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