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Museum Website questions

Hi there,
I’m with a community non profit in Australia and we’re in our first year of operation in getting a Museum & Cultural Centre built for our region.

We have a Wix website at the moment and are deciding on a cataloguing system to archive artefacts, images and multimedia that we would like to display growing collection on the site.

The Wix site has its limitations for our purposes and I’d like to build a new site with the catalogue system connected to it.

The leading candidate so far is a system called eHive from a company called Vernon and I’m hoping someone here may have some guidance on whether a Webflow website can connect to eHive. We know they use WordPress plugins to connect to Wordpress sites as well as Java and PHP. Oh, and none of us are coders. I’ve volunteered to do this because I’m the youngest in the group so far and have web design experience (and left the coding to others).

@Rossco65 - Welcome to the forums.

eHive provides a restful interface to much of its data, which is how the WordPress plugins were built. If you were to try to make what could be done with WordPress in Webflow, you would require an expensive development process. You would most likely need a middleware app to handle some functionality. Besides, Webflow is missing features that make WordPress suitable. Members, nested structures, not limited to one dynamic template in a path, etc. I have built custom apps and sites for clients with substantial antique businesses. I can tell you that I would not even look at Webflow for anything other than using it potentially as a design tool. It’s just not a good fit.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for your reply. You’ve helped enormously. Not being a coder I shied away from Wordpress, though I’ve heard its quite easy - I guess that relative. I was tending toward webflow due to its ease of use.

However. Investigating Wordpress further in the past 24hrs has allayed my fears and I know now we most certainly will have to invest in hiring someone to set up eHive to work with the new Wordpress website.

Once again, thank you so much, stay safe and all the best.