Muse state button equivalent function

Ok, so I have a tile with an image, an email address, and a find out more button.

Id like to be able to click anywhere on the tile (except the email address) and go to the CMS detail page.
Id also like the button to activate its hover state when mousing over anywhere on the tile.
And of course, clicking the email address links to a mailto link.

This is possible in Muse with a state button, just wondering if its also possible in webflow?


Hi @EvanCowan

Sounds possible to me - but can you share your read-only link, then we can give more specific help as we can see the settings and styles you already have applied. :slightly_smiling_face:


Take a look at the contact us page here:

I want to have the hover state of the button apply when hovering on the entire row, while still being able to click email address.

Then I want the entire row to click through to the CMS detail page for that location


Hi @EvanCowan

Ok, I think if you set the ‘BodyLarge’ link to position ‘Fixed’ you may get close to the functionality needed. (needs some restyling with padding etc)

To enlarge the clickable area of the ‘Minimal/More’ button as well, so there is no unlinked space, you can change it to display ‘block’ - give a width of 150px, and left padding of around 80+px, and that seems to do the trick.

That seems to work for me, with the whole tile ‘hoverable’ and only the email and phone link differing from hovering anywhere else on the tile?

There is usually more than one way to solve these things, there may better/tidier solutions!

Hope that’s useful