Multistep form in Webflow without code [TUTORIAL]


I found that what existed was unnecessarily complicated or required custom code. By pushing the Webflow functionalities a bit, we can create a 100% no-code multi-step form.

I wrote a tutorial on this subject with a functional version of the form.

I hope it will be useful.

Here is the link : have fun

Hello @Romuald_Jay,

I hope all is well.

Would you be able to share the Webflow version of this? I am unable to get the back return buttons to work with the interactions and would love to see how you did it for your tutorial. I AM able to get the 1st back button to return to the 1st step (however, it moves the next button up) and cannot recreate the same action on the following steps.

Please see below:

Thanks in advance!

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