Multiply CMS Pages for SEO

I want to multiply my CMS pages for programmatic SEO.
Imagine the possibilities if you could do this!

Hear me out:
I have a yacht charter directory with two CMS collections: Location & Yacht Type
For SEO I can programmatically natively make pages that target either the location or the yacht type.

For example: ‘yacht charter cabo san lucas’ OR ‘catamaran charter Mexico’

The goal is to multiply these CMS templates for amazing programmatic SEO.

Goal Example: catamaran charter cabo san lucas

Currently there are 30 locations and 4 yacht types: 34 pages
If we could multiply these CMS collections we could make 120 programmatic pages with relevant long-tail keywords!

I am looking for guidance on how to accomplish something like this. Apps? Custom Code?
Thanks for reading and thank you greatly for any guidance.

This is just an xref pattern and you can achieve it manually;

Collection A = Location
Collection B = Yacht Type
Collection C = Location + Yacht Type

C has single-refs pointing to A and B. Most of your core SEO content is probably in A & B, but it’s exposed on C’s collection page. You don’t even really need A & B’s collection pages to be published but it likely doesn’t hurt.

If this is a one time data load, you build out A & B, then export as CSV, multiply them in a spreadsheet, and the import as C. All C really needs is a name, a slug, and its refs to A & B. Keep it simple.

If you’ll keep growing A & B, you can either formalize this build process so that it’s consistent, and do it manually once in a while, or you can do something more advanced using automations and possibly tools like power importer pro and airtable. You’d need to research your options on syncing and multiplying to create the setup that works best for you.

But manual works, and even Google Sheets is useful for this as long as you’re not doing a million items.

Have you seen the PageFactory Webflow app?

I haven’t used it before, but it’s a Webflow app made for programmatic SEO. Seems promising.