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Multiple unique times for one collection page

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a flights matrix that has multiple departure times sharing repeated fare types collection items.

Flow example. Click a departure time from an ascending list (80 unique departure times in total), Once a time has been selected fare type cards are presented ( Fare A, Fare B, Fare, C ). which are repeated throughout the site depending on airline, baggage inclusions etc.

I’ve set each fare type card up as a CMS item, clicking through to their own unique CMS pages reiterating inclusions, airline etc back to the user.

Now my question is can I also bring through a unique variable (departure time) onto that page based from which ‘time row’ their selection was from?

Visual flow below.

Any help much appreciated.

hey @Taylor_Hatch you can check out client-side storage with Window.sessionStorage - Web APIs | MDN or localStorage.