Multiple Site Issues

Hi there everyone,

I’m currently working on a site and we’re experiencing a few issues that are preventing us from going live. I’ve listed these below and any help/guidance you’re able to provide would be greatly appreciated:

Mobile Breakpoint

  1. About Us - we need to re-order the ‘Our Story’ section, which is appearing correctly on desktop, but not on mobile.
  2. Footer - we need to re-order the ‘HARK’ logo and Copyright information so they appear the other way around.
  3. Is there a way with an Absolute image to change the positioning of this on mobile, so the focal point is in the correct area?

Every Breakpoint
4. Is there a way for us to control the Footer BG colour individually on each page? For example, on About Us and Our Cats, we need the BG colour from the section above to continue to flow into/behind the footer.

5. On the Sponsorship and Donate Page, is there a way for us to change the alignment to centralise the HTML Embed button?
6. In certain areas, we have two BG colours appearing half-and-half, for example: behind the ‘Can you help’ section - is there a way to ensure this is just one? (See image below)

7. There’s an issue where it doesn’t look like our .svg footer image stretches the full width with white lines appearing on the left and right hand side. Can we fix this so that it always stretches the full way?

Many thanks,


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