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Multiple shipping addresses in Ecommerce

Hello, I’m running a gift box company and need to be able to ship products to different addresses within the same order i.e. product 1 goes to address A, product 1 goes to address B, product 2 goes to address C etc.

Is there a way to do this within the Webflow Ecommerce module or would I need to use another plugin? If so, what would you recommend?

Any help much appreciated

This feature does not exist in Webflow.

Thanks Jeff for the quick response. Any thoughts on a solution/plugin that would support this?

Webflow does not provide for a plugin architecture at this time. There are third party e-commerce providers that can be used instead that might offer you what you want. Your requirements represent a one off so you may have trouble finding something that works for you. I know that on Wordpress with WooCommerce there is a plugin that does it. You may have to look at that route.

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