Multiple Redirects (301-301-301-200)

Because I work as a contracted agent, I won’t reveal the site, but I am working to help fix a problem that crept up a while ago and no one seems to be able to fix:

I run a crawl tool through the site and this is what I get –
start -> 301 =
301 =
301 =
200 =

(side note – we are having problems with “next-page” so that could be contributing to the errors.) We are trying to get rid of all the redirects, we only want the

Looking for insight when it comes to why a page 4 would redirect to the unsecured web address, which redirects to the secure, but without the slash at the end and the finally redirects to the first page of the article.

If you have answers to either the “next-page” code problems or the redirects, I am totally open to them!!

I would suggest looking for links on the page that were created manually. Also rule out any redirects in the project settings.

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