Multiple PDF/Word downloads

Hi is there a way to have multiple files downloads from one button without linking to dropbox or something similar?

A client wants to have a number of PDF/Word docs to download for various courses. I can’t see a way to do this within webflow and they don’t want to use dropbox/google docs etc to store the files. Is there a way around this? I though about CMS and file felds but it seems a little messy. For example I’d need the following -


Cutting (5 files under this section)
Styling (10 files under this section)
Consultation (12 files under this section)

Any help would be gratefully received :slight_smile:

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A few options maybe:

  1. Using a zip file
  2. Combining various files into just one
  3. Using various buttons to download each document
  4. A file referencing collection

thanks for responding @aaronocampo :slight_smile: I tried uploading a zip file to the assets but it would let me :frowning: They’re a mixture of files covering different topics so the client doesn’t want to combine them. I looked at the buttons option but I’d need 4 buttons at the top level (‘Barbering’), then up to 10 underneath that I couldn’t think of a way to make that look clean and user friendly. How would a file referencing collection work?

yes, Webflow only allows certain type of files

Maybe you don’t need button per se, you can use link text and you can use dropdowns to tackle the design issue, or using a list of links, I’m sure there are different ways, design wise, that you can approach that.

Creating a collection for uploading files and referencing it to their specific course

There are other alternatives like using services like uploadcare, airtabe, etc to connect that uploading feature to a webflow collection and they provide you with links as well.