Multiple Pages Open

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but I think it would be nice to be able to open multiple pages at a time in the Designer panel. When we are working on something and want to copy from one to another it would be awesome to be able to have multiple tabs. Especially when we are tweaking something that is on multiple pages.
I know about symbols but there are times when you only want to tweak a line or an image in a couple pages not all pages where you have that symbol. Which brings up the ability to detach that version of the symbol from all the other ones and not have to make it all over again.

Any ideas on work arounds for this?

Hi John,
You can use two tabs at once on the same project. Just make sure you are only changing on one side; using the other for a copy / resource view.

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Thanks for the tip. Do you mean two browser windows/tabs?
I was thinking more in line with like a Photoshop where you can have multiple tabs and drag and drop layers from one to the other.

Yes. This is how you get two canvases.

Just remember to make sure you save often in case issues occur, so you have a restore point.

You can open up another tab, but you it no longer access the navigator, which is a huge inconvenience.