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Multiple navbars needed

We are looking at using a vertical navbar for our webapp while our header has some specific dropdown menus, making 2 forms of vavigation for our pages.

Has anyone had any luck with applying multiple “dropdowns” to individual elements in webflow to give this multiple navbar effect? Any tips?


This can now be achieved with the new tab component. Try it out! =)

Thanks @PixelGeek!

I know that we will be trying to convert our menu to the new tabbed system on the right hand side of our webApp. The ability to put icons and images in the tabs is a HUGE plus as well! I am hoping that in styling them though, we can get rid of borders of the tabs and make it a universal color with hover and click effects. (Please excuse the ignorance, as I am new to this and learning as I go…)

I am wondering, though, if the extension of the menu and subsequent sub menus will push all of the other divs over when it is extended.

And, setting it up with the hamburger icon would let you “show” the tabs and hide the tabs while an icon in one of the tabs would “show” or “hide” the sub menu.