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Multiple modals without custom code

Hello to everyone!

Is there a possibility to create modal like in this video - but to have multiple models in my case 9 models with the same page (page HOTEL)

It’s my third topic hope like in previous two it will be reserved
Thank you in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I suggest using stacked full page divs with show/hide & scale interactions. However I would put all them in a parent wrapper outside any other divs or sections.

Have Fun.

Thank you for your answer @garymichael1313

I’m quite new in the Webflow and I need a little bit more detailed explanations, unfortunately ((
If you saw my shared link you see that I tried to make everything that you saying except to put all them in a parent wrapper, you mean I need to put them in one separate div?

People please help me to configure them