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Multiple mobile menu in navbar


Is there a way to have multiple menu in mobile?

For reference:

Hi @VivianY, sure, just drag out multiple navbars to your page :slight_smile: Use the “Visible on” options in the settings panel to restrict a menu from being shown on desktop.

Also in settings panel, it is possible to set the Menu Icon visibility, on all views or selected views.

Hi @cyberdave

Do you mean of having 2 nav-menu in 1 navbar or 2 navbars in 1 navbar?

Hi @VivianY, I mean having 2 navbars on the page, not 1 navbar nested within another navbar.

If you would like to have a drop down menu in the navbar, then drag a drop-down widget into the navbar.

If you have questions about the site design, could you share the read-only link? It will be a lot easier to provide some advice :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave,

Here’s my site:

I’m trying to create mobile menu that comes from both sides of the screen; page sites on left and user account on right. As far as I understand, the navbar only allows one nav-menu list.

I could perhaps use dropdown, but I would like to mimic the similar behaviour like mobile menu;
Rather than dropdown, can it slide push the screen instead?

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