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Multiple Machforms inside tabs problem

Hi, I’m developing this website

The problem I am having is that on the contact page I have 3 tabs, each with a single machform in them. Despite having different forms in each tab, when looking at the published site all 3 tabs have the exact same machform displaying.

Anyone able to help out here?

First thing is that there are 3 exac same custom codes in there. They all link to:

If you are using three very same custom codes in three tabs you will result in the same forms in them.

Sorry, I put them all the same for testing and forgot to put them back.

I’ve put three separate forms in now. Each with their own unique ID yet every single tab shows the same form and it is always the last one you put in that defaults to in every tab pane. Most frustrating!

I download the site and checked the contact.html. It is correctly calling the three different form id’s yet it will still only show the one form. How is that even possible I wonder?

Still struggling with this, anyone have any ideas?