Multiple Link Block Settings within A Collection

Hey All!

Hoping you geniuses can point me in the proper direction!

I am curious to learn if there’s a way to change the settings of a link block within a collection list based on item type (sort of like establishing a unique style attribute)?

I’ve attempted placing unique settings via creating combo classes, to no avail. When I set one link type, the other automatically mimics the setting–with or without a combo class.

I’ve set up the collection list as a slider with cards using Splide. I’d like one card (link block) to send an email and the other to fetch a URL.

Is this natively possible with Webflow?

Thanks so much for your valued feedback. Looking forward to the learning!

-Kai :wink:

Here is my public share link:

Have you tried putting on the URL: “” ? Idk if it works tho, but could be.

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If the optional link value exists in the CMS you could create a conditional block that displays one link block and hides the other for the same item. Alternately, you could also use custom code to do it.

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Hadn’t thought of this Quitos! Thanks for the brilliant tip. Looking forward to giving it a try! Stay tuned …

Thanks for the awesome heads up, Jeff! I’m very new to code so I’ll do some research on setting conditional blocks for CMS values natively in webflow.

Looking forward to testing it out!