Multiple language for emails

Hi, I need some help! How can I set up my e-commerce for setting different language based on shipping destination?

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It’s not supported at the moment natively, the max you can do is add an automation with zapier/make/pipedream to send another email on top of the one that Webflow sends automatically

Hey Giacomo,

First, in general, you won’t want to assume that location and language are connected. In a lot of places that just doesn’t work. For example, even in the US, 30% of Californians speak Spanish. If you assume English, you stand about a 30% chance of being wrong.

If you have a multilingual site, what you might do is detect the visitor’s browser language on the site to assign language interpretation more accurately. Then, capture and store it with the order.

I’ve not done that with Webflow’s e-commerce orders before, but it’s relatively easy to do with web forms in general. If you can define custom order fields, the principle would be tte same.

The second part is trickier- the title of your message mentions emails. In this case, I expect you’d have to generate your own emails;

  • Customer visits your site
  • Site auto-detects language, but the user can switch as well
  • At the point of ordering, you save the user’s selected language with the order as well
  • A new order webhook fires
  • Your back-end system picks that up, determines the language and order details and sends off the appropriate email automation.
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That is a partial solution, you can’t disable default email from being generated from Webflow ecommerce, so a client in italy for example would both receive the Webflow one in english and the one you send automatically in italian

Yep, that makes it a comprehensive solution. with extras. :wink:
I do find it funny that for a company famous for its designer-support, that emails are left in the wind.

Did you heard anything about emails for the multilanguage support they announced? I don’t remember properly actually xD

I watched the stream but I didn’t see anything regarding multiple language in emails.

But what we can do is mentioning it in the Webflow wishlist and as soon as they ask for ideas/wishes regarding multi language support (which they will probably do as they did with many other features), use the chance and write about it.

If you watch properly the watchlist, there are good ideas mentioned there that have more than 5 years. That wishlist doesn’t influences a lot their development :sweat_smile:

I want to thank you all for the help. I think for the moment I’m going to let the email in English as they are and see next what can I do next… my intention was to let English for everyone who aren’t in Italy and send just for them a different mail written in Italian, that’s because we are an Italian company and it’s wierd to write in English to our costumers. But actually just 40% of our orders come from Italy so…