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Multiple items not showing on published site. HELP

When i publish my site multiple items and animations doesn’t work like they should, eventhough it work fine in preview mode.

First of all the hover animation which i made for my navbar does not work on the published site, and i don’t know why. My hover animations only work on the “Om os” page which is very odd.

And secondly, it seems that my cms items cut everything off that are supposed to be underneath the cms items. this also only happends on the published site. You can see the happend both on the homepage and on the “Events” page

If you want to you can comepare my published site with read-only link. I am very lost and have no idea how to fix these issues.

If you have any question or want me to elaborate please ask.

Published site:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Den Åbne Scene Fyn