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Multiple Images Stacked one on Top of the Other -Click Interaction Issues

Hey Guys, So i am placing a click interaction so different images appear. They are stacked flush one on top of the others. My interaction works but only once. Which means that if i go back a second time to click on the button, the interaction won’t happen.

Also, the Buttons are all the way up in preview but when i click the second and third Interaction it goes where it’s supposed too.

I hope my explanations aren’t too rough.

You will find this in the last page named PPF HOVER- Test

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Hello again,

So i made it work, although i used hover instead of click so there’s a hover out.

The remaining issue is the button wrapper going all the way to the top when you open the page.
Once you hover on the 2nd and 3rd button the Button Wrapper goes to initial position where it should be.

Here is the new link: Last page > PPF HOVER - Test

Thank You !!

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