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Multiple image field doesn't work outside of template


I’m building out my ecommerce enabled store and I’d like to make a gallery that updates based on the color variant of my backpack. Ideally the thumbnail would control the main image in the gallery like this

I build out that interaction using tabs and even linked it to color thumbnails, before realizing that there wasn’t a good way to link that to the back end of the ecommerce. So I abandoned that and tried building a simple design using the constraints of the dropdown menu that is I think the only way to hook up to the product color variant on the back end of the ecommerce feature. I have everything working, except I can’t figure out how to change the secondary images in my gallery when I change the color field.

I found this tutorial, which looks like it is meant to be used on an ecommerce page, but it says here that multiple image galleries (which I think is the feature that is built into the product variant feature) are only supported on collection pages. I have that working on my ecommerce template page, but when I try to enable it on my shopping page it doesn’t work. Maybe I am fundamentally misunderstanding how to use template pages?

my site is here:

Thank you!