Multiple Google Maps on a website

May I know how can I integrate multiple Google Maps on a webpage? I don’t mean multiple markers but multiple maps.
Let me show an example.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

What is the barrier that you’re facing?
I’d think even if you use Webflow’s default map element, you’d be fine- but there may be some limitation there.

If that’s the case, just embed the maps directly in an HTML Embed, or use the Google Maps Javascript API if you need more control over the presentation.

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Thank you for the reply. In the tutorial by Webflow University, only one map was integrated in the website. So, I was unsure if I could integrate multiple maps with one API key. I will try and update you soon.

There shouldn’t be a limit- however Google Maps is a very data-intensive element, and loads slowly. 4 of them may crush the usability of your site. If that creates problems for you, I think the Javascript API may still allow you to get a single still image which is much more performant, worth checking out.