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Multiple Forms to Subscribe to different Blog Catagories

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if this is possible here. So the example I have is product hunt. I don’t have a version of this I’ve built my self.

On product hunt they have a container on the right that allows you to Subscribe via email to that certain category. For example they have their main newsletter on the homepage and then when I go to the “Games” tab, I can subscribe on the right side to specifically get email updates for the games. I can do this for each of the categories.

Example. I have a blog with 5 categories in CMS.


I want to have separate email signup collectors for each category. That way, if a user want to get updates about horses, they just have to enter their email in that particular category.

The first solution I thought would be to create different forms for each category. How do I do this since the page is under the “Collection Pages” and is a Category Template since the categories are in the CMS?

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