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Multiple forms - send to different email addresses

Hi there Webflow people,

If you’re reading this and haven’t yet recognized that having multiple forms on a site but NOT be able to direct the form submissions to different email addresses is a serious failing, please consider it and then use this link to add your voting weight to the Wishlist feature request.

It currently has 335 votes and is in the Backlog, hopefully adding your weight will push it closer to a development position.

(Yes, I know about the Gmail filtering idea and third party approaches, they may be solutions for some but most will want a simple default Webflow solution).


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Yes, this would be nice to have, but

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Interesting, though makes you wonder what is the point of the votes then. I am guessing that if all Webflow users voted, and commented, Webflow would notice and take some action in getting it done sooner rather than later.

Oh, sure. Here’s the top-three voted wishlist items for your reference:


Great, thanks.
Don’t forget to add your vote. +3 would be even better…

I’ve already used all my 15 votes two years ago… when the wishlist was launched.

Hi Webflow people. I’ve heard back from Webflow Support about this issue, they say ‘Please upvote this feature request if you haven’t already – we pay very close attention to this community forum when setting our roadmap.’ - so please, if it helps to get this feature developed quicker, go here and add your vote

A thought…Just because there are less than 400 votes, doesn’t mean that it won’t get used. I’m sure folks see this a low level feature, but I would imagine if it were on, people would use it…a lot. Add an email in the form settings in the designer and boom. I know their a few “workarounds”, but most are hacky at best. One of the pluses of Webflow is being able to control a lot from one system. My vote is casted, but again don’t let the lack of votes keep this at the bottom.

I already did the math and concluded voting in the wishlist doesn’t really push it to a higher priority

I agree. Having this will be nice! I will vote :raised_hands:

But for some reason I can’t vote…It says 0 votes left every time. Wondering why?

My point wasn’t about votes — but interest (or seemingly lack thereof). This has been in the backlog and it’s coming up on 2 years now. It’s lack of interest compared to other functionality in the backlog of the Wishlist shouldn’t be a determination for whether it’s added. It’s basic form functionality and something that would be used widely if implemented, even if 400+ votes doesn’t seem very interesting.

I’d like to see the number of days it takes for a function to be added to at least the “Planning” stage from the date it was requested.

Indeed. How this was never a part of the original release of Webflow is a bit baffling to me. Not all, but many of the websites we build require this as a standard feature (and clients don’t expect it to be an issue).

Please help to keep some momentum on this request; Webflow Support did reply to me, ‘Please upvote this feature request if you haven’t already – we pay very close attention to this community forum when setting our roadmap.’