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Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

Hello everyone!

This is to solve the issue of more than 1 form on a site when you want each to submit to a different email.

I just came up with an idea for one of my clients and I think it would be a good thing to share. So I had created a custom form to email script to handle multiple forms on a site that needed to go to separate addresses. In safari, for some reason form validation does not work within webflow no matter what you do if you have a target. So to keep native form submission validation and styleability, I decided to implement filters on a new gmail account created for just this purpose.

It may seem like a lot of steps but I just wrote it for anyone to understand.
Here is what you do:

Make a new gmail account or use one you have if you want
Set your form submissions to go to that gmail account in the site settings
Under email template, put {{formName}} {{ formData }}
Name your forms unique names
Send a test from each form.

Setting up gmail:
Go into gmail webmail
Go to settings > forwarding and pop
At the top, choose add a forwarding address
Add all the emails you want forms to go to
Check those emails and click the validation link

Setting up filters:
find the emails you submitted from webflow
for each hit the little triangle next to the reply button on the upper right of the message.
Choose filter messages like this
It will auto select the email address
Toward the bottom where it says has the words, put your form name in quotes exactly as it’s named in your site
In Doesn’t have, put the name of any other forms in your site in quotes as well.
Hit create filter with this search in the bottom right
check forward it to whichever email you like for that form name
Choose any other options you want and click create filter
Repeat this process for any other email form submissions you got from webflow

Done, now when you submit a form on your site, it will go to gmail and then to your designated final email for that form.

Good Luck! Reply if you have any questions!


That is a pretty brilliant solution using mail forwarding and filtering! Could be really powerful for a bunch of special cases. Could prevent / filter spam as well.

@DFink Thanks for the detailed instructions Dave! I need to give this a shot.

Thanks, glad you like it!

I’d love to find a way to have it extract the data in the form so that it forwards the email with the submitter’s email as the reply to address. If anyone has any ideas for that, I’m all ears.

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Thanks @DFink

Is there no other solution if you only have one form…but they need to be submitted to different emails.

For example in my instance i have a college with 3 campuses. If you fill in the form you should beable to select ‘which campus are you interested in’ select a campus and then hit submit. That email form submission should then go to the relevant campus email.

There are a couple ways you can achieve this. First is to have 3 tabs that show/hide 3 separate forms and then just follow the directions above for each form through gmail.

The second is to use a dropdown to select the campus. Then what you would do is set up the gmail filters the same way but instead of selecting “has the words” for the form name, you’ll enter the dropdown selection. Then set it up so any messages that match that dropdown selection to go to that email. Not too hard really, just a lot of steps in gmail.

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Hi @DFink

I’m struggling to get this to work.

Just a question would i see the forwarded mails in sent items? That may be an indicator if its working or not…currently there are no sent items.

Which option of mine did you use?

Im using the first option on your original post.

I have 3 forms on my contacts page, i’ve named all 3 forms and then created the forward rule in gmail.

But no one is receiving the forwarded mails. I get them in gmail (obviously) and the form name pulls through, so i assume the forward rule will work.

Hmm. I may have to have you screenshot your gmail settings in a pm. They can be kind of tricky

Can I have screenshot examples thank you

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