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Multiple CSS settings


I am new in the space of webflow, but a bit experience in CSS.
So is it possible to set something like this:

h1, h2, h3, h4 {color: black;}

A small hint will be nice!


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Hi Jacksenn and welcome :webflow_heart: :smile:

I think Webflow University has the answer. See the embed code tutorial

Short answer, No.

But you can create a Style Guide and set your CSS from there.

Unfortunately all Headings are treated separately - So you have to set H1, H2 etc individually.

You could start by playing with a style guide:

What I do now is put all the headings in a div and then change the div font to Raleway for example.

When you are setting up your style guide, make sure you select the ALL H1 Headings (PINK) on the selector.

Even now I forget to change ALL headings when I want to update the style guide

Hi guys!

Thanks for your reply!

Stay safe!
Greetings, Jacksenn

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