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Multipage layout with free Webflow membership?

Hi there,

I’m just getting started with product design and Webflow – and here’s a very general question (sorry if it’s dumb or obvious):

I want to create a simple static website with a multipage layout. I’ve done that with Wordpress before and switched to Webflow because I just want full control over the design. However, in Webflow I have to sign up for the 16$/mo membership for being able to create a website with a multipage layout. Is that not possible with a free/basic membership? Or did I just miss the feature?

Thanks a lot for any help here!


Multipage not available on the free plan (limit 2).

Scroll her to “Start building with Free Staging” section:


As @Siton_Systems mentions with the pricing link, you can add hosting to a site, on the free plan, and you just pay for the hosting.

The ‘basic’ hosting says it includes 100 static pages which might cover your needs?

@jmw also posted this in the blog about launching full sites, even on the free designer plan - add hosting and more features are enabled:

We’re a friendly bunch, let us know if anything else is confusing :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks so much guys, I know everything I need :slight_smile:

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