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Multipage Hack Help

I have been looking to use webflow for the front end development of an application and am asking for a little guidance.

There are step by step processes in the site that lead one “Frame” to be completed before moving onto the next. I do not want to duplicate a whole page, as the component that will be changing can fit into a small universal space.

Since I am not really a programmer, I am looking for some ideas on best practices to make this as streamlined as possible so that when the Wizard loads, only the sectio that has the content that changes will be effected by progressing through the steps.

Any ideas?

You could use interactions to show & hide divs on a page as you progressed… I assume that you’re doing a prototype/mockup but production code will be done by a programmer from your webflow work?

I am doing the front end development side through webflow…and then have a programmer taking the pieces and gluing them together to create the application.

I am trying to find a way to minimize total page calls and have some interactive functioning of the process in order to utilize the real estate on the screen as best as possible. By breaking the longer process down into steps and having the step move on when it is complete seemed to be the most logistic option, (in a non-programmers mind)

I am going for 2-4 different things on the micro screens to be completed and then they can move onto the next phase…this way it is a simple and user friendly as possible.

Thanks for the feedback