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Multilingual CMS for 2 blogs

I’ve got a project that needs to be localised for users in South Africa and Norway. I’ve looked at tools like Weglot, but the content for the two languages won’t be exactly the same. I’ve thought of creating an English and Norwegian folder and duplicating the pages under each, but what do I do with the blogs? Each blog has content that is unique to the respective region and as far as I can see there is no way of getting the English CMS in the English folder. Any suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.

Hi, as you are targeting customers at two regions with different languages and content, I suggest you run two sites hosting hour blog separately. It gives you the best flexibility to control differences and provides the best user experience. Between your two sites, you can auto redirect your visitors to correct site using IP geolocation service, for example, Geo Targetly. With its Geo Redirect tool, it detects your visitors’ locations by IP. You can simply create rules, associating different markets with individual site URL. Localised site will be displayed regardless of which website your visitors clicks on.

If you only want single website, you may consider Geo Content, another tool included in Geo Targetly. It can alter almost any content to be location-specific, and dynamically display messages, banners, images etc. You visitors from South Africa or Normay will only see their related content on the same webpage. The service supports BC platform, and only needs one-time integration.