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Multilingual Blog Posts

Has anyone of the community made a Blog with multilingual option?

Is there any idea if its in the roadmap of @webflow?

You can try using “Multiniguanazer” (

I have been making experiment with it on my portfolio page (only first text block has few languages)

It is pretty easy to use


Thank you very much @sabanna

I knew about that option, but I think it doesn’t fit the solution that I’m looking for, at list for a blog with a daily basis posting. I’m thinking about what happens with the name of the collections, tags and the categories on the CMS, how those would be affected? Are you working with it with dynamic content?

I’m working on a work around at the moment but I would really appreciate if you or some one can share a solution for that.

And it would be better if @webflow can put some light on this topic just to know if they have it in the roadmap or not.

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That plugin is affecting only content that you pointing to it.
Nothing from Webflow collection names, tags or field names will get changed.

If you need to translate backend part I don’t think there is any workaround exist.

It wouldn’t be the backend precisely, we can work with the backend in english as it is, I mean the categories that you create on the CMS or the tags

For example for a blog post you would have “the name of the post”, “the category (which would be in english or spanish depending on the language you’re working with)” etc, do you see where I’m going?

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I see what you need.

So once again. It is all content.

For example, you want to create a Blog post with Title “The best article”, which in Spanish sounds like “El mejor artículo”

If you are gonna use the Multilinguanizer, all you need is add 4-dots and 2-dots signs in the content.
So title would look like this: “…The best article…El mejor artículo…”

Same principal with all other fields.

In the designer mode you will see both versions, but on the published site you will see only one (in this example English), then by clicking on the button it will switch to the second language.

The URL will stay the same since it is the same page.