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Multiline lightbox caption

I have been researching here in the forum for a solution to make the lightbox captions multi line, however I found out it’s not implemented yet.

I manipulated the CSS so I could at least have a text wrapping (instead of the ellipsis at the end of the single line); It’s pretty simple:

.w-lightbox-caption {
     white-space: normal;

You can override other styles too, like color, font-size, etc, just add the style to head tag or before closing body. :slight_smile:

You can find more about the white-space property here:


I was easily able to change the style on my exported code css. I wasn’t able to apply within the designer and push out to my staging site for client review. You mention putting the code into the head tag. I tried doing this for the specific page my lightbox gallery is on and also sitewide. Does something else need to be included to override the default styling, within the designer area?