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Multicolumn Centered Slider

I need to build a multicolumn centered Slider.

On this example, each element has a width of 50%. Because of the centering, only half of the elements on the edges will be displayed.


Is this possible now, or in a future update?

  • If this feature will be added, make the centered element has a current/active class

I’m not too sure if this type of functionality is currently possible, but a quick and dirty workaround would be to design the slides to include half of the previous and next slide.

Obviously this would require more work to change or rearrange the slides, but if you (or your client) are planning on keeping the slides the same then it should be a decent alternative until we get confirmation from someone else that it is or isn’t possible.

Hope that helps!

Possible only with custom code? Unique slider layout?

If is not supported now, i will use custom code (UIKit was my second alternative). How can make this topic a feature suggestion?