Multi Vendor ecommerce store like StockX or Goat

Hi all.

I am attempting to create a shoe reselling website similar to StockX or GOAT. I’m wondering what the multi vendor options are with Webflow? I have seen plugins such as in these forums saying they can support multi vendor, but this is a bit of a unique situation. I am not looking to create another eBay or Amazon, where there are multiple different sellers on the website. Here is an example. There are 10 different sellers that are selling the same product. Instead of having 10 different sellers selling the same product, I would like one product listed, with the 10 different prices that the 10 sellers are selling at. Please let me know if there are additional plugins I could use to support this, or any additional info I can provide.

IMHO Webflow is not engineered for your scenario. While it might be possible to hack around some limitations it would probably be like hammering a square peg in a round hole. I personally would look for a solution that already provides features you need => multiple sellers.

Hi @brheisler.
Josh from Foxy here. Like @webdev mentioned, this may be a tough one for Webflow. That said, depending on your specific needs and how different prices are managed for each product (I have some ideas on how to set this up in Webflow) we may be able to help.

Mind sending us a quick email so we can dive a bit deeper and see if Foxy + Webflow will be a good fit?


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