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Multi-Transition Element

Can someone tell why the timing on Text-1 is not working correctly ?

In this demo…
Text-1 fades out from Opacity: 100 to 0 over 500ms.
Then it fades in from Opacity: 0 to 100 over 500ms

It repeats the above 2 steps - 3 times… for a total of 3000ms.

There is 2nd Load transition on Text-1 - that is suppose to kick in at 3000ms
then changes the Opacity of Text-2 to 75%.

Text-2 is intialized to as Opacity:25% - so you can see thats it’s actually runnung. The transition simply pushes the text left and right and repeats forever.

Note that the opacity of Text-2 never changes to 75% like I told it to do in Text-1.

Also - you can’t to reorder triggers.

And… while I’m add it… below the Affect Different option is 2 check boxes… and you can only check one of them. This technically should be a radio group or dropdown with 3 value - 0, 1, or 2.

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