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Multi-Step Form and Hamburger Menu

Hi everyone! Just had a few questions that I’m hoping someone can help with :slight_smile:

Question #1: Multi-Step Form with incomplete capture on Mailchimp

I know how to get Mailchimp to integrate with your Forms feature, so the user can submit an email address.

However, has anyone been able to custom code a multi-step optin, where each step is captured at the next click?

We want to capture the email first for the highest optin rates, but the questions afterwards are ‘nice to haves’ that we’d like connected to that email address. We’d also like if they abandoned because they didn’t feel like replying, we’d capture those as well.

Completely open to a ‘slider’ setup, but concerned about capturing incomplete form data.

Our design currently has three pages before the user signs up:

Optin Page 1 - captures email address -

Optin Page 2 - captures political preference -

Optin Page 3 - open ended question -

Question #2: Mobile Side Menu with darkening screen

For the navbar menu that pops out from the side on mobile, I’d like to darken the rest of the screen that is underneath that menu. What is the best way to do that?

Currently, on the home page I set it like this:

  1. On first click of the menu button, it activates a black 100% vh / vw div block with a high z-index.
  2. On second click, it hides that div block.

The problem is, if the user doesn’t click the same button again, the screen stays dark, lol.

There are also times when the menu is double-clicked a little fast, and the screen remains dark. So, I’m not convinced I set this up in the smartest configuration :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: