Multi Select Step form in webflow logic..?

I am freelance webflow in korea
I’d like to ask if I can implement multi step select form field by webflow logic service.
In example site, it’s
as you can see, first form seleted will be changed variety list in next forms…


I want to use only two forms(make and model) like above image…
maybe…it’s not possible by webflow logic, is there any api solution others.?
I am very appreciate your reply in advanced

Hi Dave,

You don’t need Logic for that, just some client-side javascript.
You’ll trigger your script on changes to the first SELECT, and then when it’s changed,
you’ll update the second SELECT.

The script itself is easy, but building it depends on where you are getting your data for SELECT 1 and SELECT 2 from.

Thanks your kindly reply!
however, I am beginner on javascript …

Here is an option:

Man that’s a good looking product. Love that pricing model too, inspiring.