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Multi-reference question

Hi, can anyone help with what I think is a CMS multi-reference question? I have a “Design Talks” section on my site where I have three days of design talks. I’ve created a CMS collection for each day. There will be many talks per day eventually. Each talk has multiple speakers and moderators, so I created a separate collection called “Speaker Bios” which I pull into each talk with the multi-reference field. All of this works well.

Now, my client wants to show a grid at the bottom of each speaker’s bio page to show ALL the dates and talk titles that they will appear at. Basically a collection of each appearance that particular person will make. Here is a sketch to show what I’m trying to create:

For the life of me I can not figure out how to do this. Any help?

Here is my public share link:

For me it’s a bit strange that you’ve broken out your “Talks” into three separate collections. My thinking would be to have just one “Talks” collection, with a new field added, that tags each talk item listed with either “May 15th”, “May 14th”, “May 13th” (then you could always filter by that talk date if need be).

Then on your Bio page you add a Collection List element, bind it to the “Talks” collection, and add a Visibility Filter along the lines of “Display when Speaker Contains Current Speaker Bio”.

If all of that does indeed work… then accomplishing this with your existing model would be to follow the exact same steps above, but instead add 3 collections lists, one for each of the 3 “Talks” Collections.

I have simillar question as well. I have diferent type of projects for particular cllients. For exsample, for one client I’ve made only logo, for other one, logo and web site, etc. Now I want to filter diferent pages for any type of project, where I reference clients and that’s OK. But what if I want to show all projects that I made for one client? Showld I make multireference field on a side of client, where I will reference all projects made for him?

Hi Chris, thank you very much for taking the time to send me this helpful reply. I’ve gone ahead and re-worked everything as you describe and I think it’s all correct now. May I trouble you to take a peek and let me know if this looks correct to you now?

Warm regards!

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I just took a peek and it’s looking really good :+1: I see you were able to setup the filters and it looks like it’s all working as it should? If so, nice job!

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