Multi-reference Mayhem — Where to store 50 screenshots?!

Hey! Alright, I’ve made a few Webflow websites and the logic behind setting up CMSs always blows my mind. It’s seriously melting right now. I’m up against the limits of collection field items and I know—just know—that there’s a better way to set this up. Hoping for a little help from the community!

My client has a business where they integrate their software phones with third-party customer relationship management software (CRMs). Stuff like clicking on customer’s phone number in the CRM would bring up a software phone that calls out from a computer (“Click to Call”). Or while surfing the web, all the sudden a phone call comes in and a convenient pop-up shows who it is and what CRM their contact info is from (“Screen Pops”).

Anyway, I need to build a page for each CRM this client integrates with (50+) and show screenshots of each of the kind of features mentioned above (20+). So far I’ve created an Integrations collection with 30 entries and a Features collection with 15 entries. I planned to multi-reference the Features collection into the Integrations collection and list those features in each Integrations page. The problem is the screenshots of the features. Each are CRM specific—meaning I can’t show one screenshot for “Click to Call” and use it for every CRM collection page because “Click to Call” looks different for each CRM.

So, now I’m scratching my head on how to show 20 unique screenshots across 50 Integrations collection pages without running into collection field limits. Where I’m stuck is whether I put those specific screenshots in the Integrations collection or the Features collection (ideal), both of which already have roughly 5 fields. 50 specific screenshot fields aren’t going to fit into each entry in the Features collection, and 20 unique screenshots of feature is really pushing the limits of the Integrations collection fields, considering future growth of the business. Maybe there’s a third collection of some kind I need to consider? I just can’t fathom how they’d all work together.

Help! and Thanks!

Here is my public share link:

e.g. Infusionsoft is one of 50 CRMs and the “A Simplii Better CRM Integration” is the section listing the Features.

Hi @highfives

This is definitely a tricky problem to solve. And a rather difficult one without a gallery field (multiple images added through one field). We currently have this feature as something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist :

I think your set up so far will work, but if you have unique screenshots for each integration you’ll need to have 50 instances of each screenshot, right? i.e. you have an integration called which needs to reference 20 features that no other integration item will reference. So I think you’ll need to add 20 unique Feature items each with it’s own screenshot (,, etc) and add all of those to your integration item multi-ref field.

Then when you drop in your collection list in your Integration page, then bind it to the multi-ref field like you’ve done, only the feature images will appear.

This method should work, but you’ll need to add a ton of screenshots — 20 unique features * 50 integrations = 1000 total items.

Definitely not ideal, but should get the job done – unless I’m missing something here which is definitely a possibility :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps!

@Brando Awesome! I think I get what you’re suggesting. I’ll wrap my head around this later tonight. Thanks for the help!

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My pleasure man! Best of luck – definitely a doozy of a build :slight_smile: