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Multi-Reference Filtering Error HELP


I’ve been working on a site where I need to create filters Team Members by their job sector. I’ve also made it ask for a Multi-Reference since some members have multiple job sectors and will appear on multiple pages.

I’ve run into a problem where the CMS filtering will not filter multi-reference entries at all. I’ve made a quick example of what I’m seeing.

At the top is a list of staff members who I want to filter to show only Law Sector for example as some members will work in Law as well as another sector. If I choose filter multi-reference > contains > Law and hit save no change will be made and the Filter path now reads: Job Title contains [blank]. It has ignored Law entirely and this happens for every instance of multi reference filtering.

Below that is a single reference which works fine filtering.

The same error appears on the Job Titles Template page, if I choose to filter the current job title for the page it will do the same error where it ignores the reference I made and just leave it blank not filtering anything.

Is this a bug with how multi-references are working or an issue with how I’m setting up my references.

Many Thanks,

I feel like I’m experiencing similar issues:

Claire only has 1 or 2 “related events” but her listing shows all events:

This event only has 2 related artists but showing all:

Racking my brains!

here’s my preview:

It has also affected my other published & live sites that use multi-references to filter blogs. So if I were to update and publish the sites now every instance of multi-referencing a collection would break.

Hi, any updates on this?
Thank you.

Had a ticket for that. It should work again, now.

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