Multi-reference CMS easy update method?

How are other folks updating their multi-reference CMS collections without manually unlinking and then relinking after every new update via CSV upload?

I have a CMS collection that uses max 30 fields called “Workplace Details”. Three of those fields are reference fields that link to three other large or completely maxed (30 fields) CMS collections. (If Webflow supported CMS collection with more than 30 fields this would be a moot point.)

The data of each CMS collection gets updated periodically from an external form that funnels data to airtable which I would like to more seamlessly funnel to webflow.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve found that the only way to update webflow is to unlink all the cms records that need updating, delete the “old” records then import “new/updated” records then manually relink ref fields.

I am using powerimporter for another project but powerimporter does not support 3 reference field auto updates.

I’ve read/heard trying to zap this turns into a hot mess.

Thanks in advance!

Business plan supports 60 fields.

Marc from PowerImporter here.

@Casey_Palmer what do you mean by “support 3 reference field auto updates”?

PowerImporter has no limits on how many fields you update from Airtable, including reference fields. Please feel free to reach out if you need help setting up PowerImporter for this new project.