Multi-pharmacy site that share collection pages with unique nav & footers

I’m in the early stages of creating a site for a local pharmacy group that owns five pharmacies. Currently, they are using five individual websites on Wix for each pharmacy. They want to consolidate under one website, but still have the ability to view each individual pharmacy’s site like it is its own site. For example, on the pharmacy group page, there will be logos for each of the pharmacies. When those are clicked, it will take them to each pharmacy’s ‘site’ that is actually still on the same domain, just using different navigation bars and footers for each respectable site. So, it will feel like the user is on an individual pharmacy site, but technically, they’re not.

My issue comes in trying to share collections between pharmacies. A lot of them offer the same services and I can make them work between pharmacies for the most part, but if I want to create a page for each individual service, when those are clicked on any pharmacy page, the CMS collection page can only have one navbar and footer, so it will go from looking like you’re browsing pharmacy #1’s site to like you’ve went to a completely different website because nav options and site colors will change.

Not sure if that makes sense, but I was just curious if someone has pulled off something like this before. Any advice would be appreciated, even if it’s, “that can’t be done and look well…figure out a different way to set up the user experience.”

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Two options basically-

  • 5 sites, with CMS synchronization using tools like Whalesync. Costs more, and in some ways more work overall but it’s easier to make site-specific variations.
  • 1 site, with 5 non-redirecting domains, which auto-adjusts key content like branding and navs depending on the domain it was accessed with. Much cheaper to run, and only one site, and one CMS to admin.

If the variations between the sites is limited primarily to branding then #2 is your best option, but requires a custom build.

I’ve done similar domain-specific customizations for whitelabeling purposes.
The best way is to build a reverse-proxy so that the SEO is clean for the 5 sites, and then use custom attributes in your Webflow project to tag content for inclusion/exclusion.

Drop me a message if you need help building this.